Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello, Goodbye


The beginning of June is bringing about lots of changes here at the John Cleary Gallery.  Henry Horenstein’s Show photos have come down to make way for Mitch Dobrowner’s Storm Series.  (Even though the opening has passed you can still catch the exhibit until the end of August!


You don’t have to go but you can’t stay here! (No seriously, we don’t have the storage)


At the close of tonight’s opening my tenure as assistant director of the gallery will officially come to a close.  I have enjoyed coming into this building every single day and being surrounded by such a fascinating range of photography for three months has been more than an amazing experience. 

Let’s take a quick look back at the fun times, shall we?

2011-03-26 22.35.46

My FIIIIRST gallery opening… look how young we all were back then! Keliy Anderson-Staley, Catherine and I.



Picnic day with Betsy from the gallery two doors over!


2011-04-20 16.46.30 2011-05-07_16.05.25

With the help of Andre we celebrated both Easter and Mother’s Day


2011-04-29 16.21.02  2011-04-29 13.10.17  2011-04-29 13.14.40

Getting a little silly with Henry Horenstein’s SHOW pictures


2011-05-05 12.06.01

Celebrating the anniversary of Catherine owning the gallery (with margaritas OF COURSE!)



My last opening :(


Most of all, though, I am beyond appreciative to Catherine for the opportunity and the highlight of my experience was making such a fantastic friend in the process.  Now DO IT!!!!!!


Artist: The Beatles/ Album: Magical Mystery Tour

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  1. YOU do it! And you'll be back soon enough. I have a feeling!


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