Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear Mr. Music Critic


Unlike the (basically) sports hall in which we performed the Brahm’s in the last city, Minden pulled out all the stops—and almost 1,000 concert goers—for their leg of the tour. 

2011-06-26 12.29.07

Get it Johannes!!


2011-06-26 21.17.31    2011-06-25 16.54.27

Exterior shot of the Dom and interior shot of a rehearsal (100 piece orchestra and 250 in the choir!)


2011-06-26 19.44.28

Sabrina and I with maestro’s Carole Ott and Thomas Wirtz


Unfortunately, the Brahms soloists are given only a thankless task. Only two movements take part for the baritone, and the soprano comes in even just one movement.  Joseph Roberts baritone sang an expressively and sensitively balanced "Lord, teach me yet" and "For here have we no continuing city" with an excellent understanding of the text and diction. With compassion and yet comforting heard "You now have sorrow" from the mouth of the lyric soprano Sabrina Laney Warren.

Both were, despite the brevity of their performances, a great pleasure and thus contributed significantly to the quality of a musical experience; they will be long spoken of even outside the borders of Minden and rank therefore as pearls in the track records of both the cathedral music and the Christ Church and Thomas Wirtz, one of its cantors.

~Review from the Minden newspaper (for the full link in German with pictures, click here)


As is apt to happen after a concert of this magnitude, a very lovely reception was held in the courtyard area of the dome!

2011-06-26 21.09.50

Perfect end to a perfect evening :)


Artist: Murderer’s Row/ Album: Beer Fueled Mayhem

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  1. Wow! They loved you! And, of course, I'm not surprised.


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