Friday, June 24, 2011

To the Church!


After arriving into Paris we immediately boarded our EuroTours bus (btw, we have the same driver as last year!) and drove to the German town of Rinteln for an overnight stay at a local hostel.  We got in around 8:30 and mandated a “lights out” time of 10:00 for the kids, which only left a little bit of time to explore the local scenery.

(Fair warning… thus begins what will most likely be a long parade of posts with pictures of churches.  They tend to be the dominant architecture in these small towns and are unavoidable but of course beautiful.)

 2011-06-20 21.31.49

I think I saw a horror movie begin on the grounds of this church one time.  Rusted gates and empty churches tend to be not the best of omens


2011-06-20 21.36.38

2011-06-20 21.40.36   2011-06-20 21.41.08

The other (less creepy) town church


Early on my walk I ran into the choir conductor, Carole—who also happens to be a friend of mine from University of Michigan (we sang in choir together there and she studied voice with Freda as well!), and we finished up the tour together.  I think she’d agree with me that, churches notwithstanding, this was our favorite part of the whole town:

2011-06-20 21.47.37


Sooo… I was trying to take an artsy fartsy shot of the pavement and SOMEONE had to photobomb my picture!!

2011-06-20 21.39.36



And finally, a view from of the bridge at sunset.

2011-06-20 21.51.53


Artist: Danny Elfman/ Album: The Corpse Bride

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