Wednesday, June 1, 2011

OK Computer


A little backstory first… I haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to the combination of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and laptop maintenance.  The day before we were to fly out last year I opened up my well-worn Inspiron and the screen was dead black.  Two things: 1. I’d rather it have happened the day before than the day after.  I’d have been much more pissed lugging around a lifeless piece of metal around Europe.  2.  Luckily it was just the screen and not the computer as a whole—I was able to get all of the data off no probs.  Until I got my new one I was lugging around not only a laptop but my old desktop monitor just so I could check my emails, blog, etc. 

Now, the morning I woke up to leave for this most recent rehearsal weekend I opened up my computer and there was a large black swath of screen at the top that was blacked out.


I mean SERIOUSLY!?!?!  You can’t even see how furrowed his eyebrows are!


I didn’t really have time to worry about it then but called Dell when I got back because it’s still under warrantee and let. me. tell. you—I’m a huuuuge fan.  Not only did they send the parts to a repair man here in Houston, but he came to the gallery and fixed it.  I didn’t have to do nothins! To be fair, a guy showed up last week and started working on it and realized they sent him the wrong screen:

Service Guy: Hey, did you order a touch screen?

Me: Ummm, no…

Service Guy: Looks like they sent the wrong one.

Me: *shifts eyes* So… you can’t just put that one in and not have to worry about it?

Service Guy: Won’t fit, you’ll have to wait til Tuesday.

Me: Llllllaaaaaammmmee!

Luckily it was just a two day turnaround until I got the new new one.


Hello HD, my old friend!


So I guess that’s my post and Dell got a little plug as well.  I will await my free printer whenever you wish to send it (that’s how this works, right?)!


Artist: Radiohead/ Album: OK Computer


  1. My computer is broken too! I'm on the iPad, which I hate, and can't upload pictures to bloodspot, hate it!

  2. I like how you phrased all of that. :)


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