Monday, June 27, 2011

Fitter Happier


I didn’t get a chance to take too many pictures during any of the performances (one of the reasons is that written permission is required to put up any photo of campers and it’s nearly impossible with the waves of Blue Lakers that can be seen in the background).  However, here are a couple of shots from the series of concerts in Stassfurt and nearby Aschersleben, where the orchestra concert was held.

It’s generally customary for the committees of the towns to have some kind of snack for breaks in-between rehearsals and concerts and Sabrina and I grabbed a large bottle of coke for our dressing room.  It wasn’t until we got upstairs that we noticed perhaps it wasn’t the most sanitary of soda bottles:

2011-06-22 20.28.25  2011-06-22 20.52.03

Coca Cola—Now with even MORE minerals!!


2011-06-23 21.05.39

Sabrina and I with our conductor, Maestro Beate Besser


After the Brahm’s concert there was a lovely reception and I made sure to snag a picture with my host parents, Frank and Brigitte:

2011-06-23 21.15.04


And finally, I loved these steps in the concert hall where the choir had their performance.

2011-06-21 19.16.15

“Theater is the fitness center for senses and emotions.” ~George Tabori


Artist: Radiohead/ Album: OK Computer

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