Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Like a Rolling Stone

Well Happy Summer Solstice everyone!!! In order to celebrate I thought I would do a bit of back-blogging and share some pictures from my trip to Stonehenge from about seven years ago. But first I wanted to feature a picture of the sacred grounds by Thomas Kellner, a photographer whose work the John Cleary Gallery represents.
Kellner 33#36 England Stonehenge
Take THAT Woodhenge! For more information about the photographer check out his section on the gallery website here.

When my grandmother Joyce and granddaddy Dan celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary they decided to take our family and my aunt Brynda, uncle John and cousins, Katy and John William to London and Paris for a vacation.  When talking about what day trips out of the city we might want to take I immediately suggested Stonehenge and was just as quickly shot down (being that I was the only one who really wanted to go.  We ended up going to Stratford upon Avon so it was equally as nerdy and exciting!)
A couple of years later, before I started my semester abroad in Florence, I had the chance to stay with my friend Kelley, whom I had known from our church in Crockett but had since moved with her husband to Salisbury.  Seeing how the city was in very close proximity to the famous monument it was a no-brainer that we would visit. So here it is!! My first view of Stonehenge:
Picture 023

Picture 041   Picture 040

Picture 031

Just remember folks, it’s all downhill from here (sunlight wise, that is) so get out and soak up some Vitamin D!

Artist: Bob Dylan/ Album: Before the Flood
BONUS!!! Just for the heck of it I thought I would include a brief bit from Dressed to Kill by Eddie Izzard about Stonehenge.  Those of you unfamiliar with his work should probably note he doesn’t exactly shy away from the saltier language.

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