Sunday, June 19, 2011

I’m a Funny Dame

Well we made it through intensive week and are currently en route (yay wireless!) from the camp grounds to Chicago O’Hare Airport.  Then it’s only an 8 hour flight and 9 hour bus ride to our first stop… kill me now, please.  I didn’t really have time to take a lot of pictures over this last week, so instead I thought I would make this a special “Sabrina Themed” intensive week entry.

This is probably the last time I will add that Sabrina is the soprano soloist for the Brahms piece we are doing.  I was lucky enough to have worked with her last year on the Elijah tour and couldn’t be happier that we are getting to sing together again this year.

So following is a litany of my favorite Sabrina-isms from the past week:
It must be noted that one of the reasons I really enjoy coming to Blue Lake is that I consider it a fabulous detox/weight loss program.  The food is, well, camp food, and one is constantly walking back and forth between rehearsals, unit time and meals. 

Me: I’m so excited to drop a couple of pounds before heading off to Europe!
Sabrina: Yeeeesss, we should make a goal for ourselves.
Me: I eat really healthy here because at least I know the produce is relatively fresh.
Sabrina: Oh, I guess that means I probably shouldn’t have grabbed a handful of these then, huh?
2011-06-10 17.30.31
REAL MAYONAISE!! This stuff is like gold at Blue Lake because you can only get it on the first day of staff meetings.  After that it’s merely packets of “salad dressing.”
Speaking of food, Sabrina’s comments on pizza day: “Oh wow, I guess I’ve been cooking mine wrong all these years.  Who knew you were supposed to STEAM them and have them come out all moist and doughy?”
pizza%20oven-001   Project01
On the local wildlife: “When I first got here I was shocked to see all of the squirrels.  I didn’t know God made them in black!!”
brown-squirrel-eating-nuts-on-a-tree-1   PD*21226881
Boring ol’ Southern brown squirrels…                       Fancy schmancy Northern black squirrels!
You know a good Southerner also has impeccable hair no matter what the season or humidity:
Camper: OMG, do you have a Bumpits?!?!
Sabrina: Oh honey, I’m from Tennessee, I don’t have to fake it like those other girls.
And probably my favorite quote of the week:
Sometimes when I’m around these kids I feel like I’m caught in the middle of a Stephen King novel.  You know, that story where everyone in a Texas town drinks some kind of magical water they think is calming the entire population but is in all actuality giving them dementia.
For those bibliophiles amongst you, she is referring to his 1986 short story “The End of the Whole Mess" and yes, I did very often feel like that throughout the entire week.
(Um, who the hell is Eve Beglarian?!?!)
So there you have it, folks! To quote Jason Stackhouse (and my post from the same time last year): Please pray to God, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Allah, Confusion, Buddha, Scientology, aliens or that lion from Narnia to make sure that we all make it there with our sanity in tact!
Artist: Eartha Kitt/ Album: Miss Kitt, To You


  1. Have A great time on tour, Joseph! Can't wait to see you all during homecoming :)

  2. Have a wonderful summer tour.

  3. Dear God in Heaven I miss all y'all! Have a wonderful tour. Safe travels. I plan to religiously stalk this blog so that I might vicariously tour with you in between shifts at Starbucks.


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