Friday, June 24, 2011

Like a Straw in the Wind


Disregarding our quick stop in Rinteln, the first official leg of the tour began in Stassfurt.

2011-06-24 13.08.41


Any drive across Germany will yield gorgeous views of the countryside, and that countryside will most likely be peppered with large, energy producing windmills.  According to my host dad, Frank, the city of Stassfurt produces the long, cylindrical bases for said windmills across the country.



In fact, the third largest windmill in Germany is located just outside the city: (even though it may not look like it because of the perspective the picture was taken, it’s the one in the middle)

2011-06-23 09.36.56


Being an old hat at this whole Blue Lake tour thing it was still charming to see all of the students grow more and more nervous as we pulled closer into the town. “What will my host family be like?!”  “I hope I don’t have to eat sauerkraut at every meal.”  “I wonder if I’ll have a hot host sister” etc…  My host dad is a police man for the city and upon arrival took me by the station.

2011-06-23 09.08.25

There was a very large part of me that wanted to take a bunch of “wacky” photos in the jail cell, in handcuffs, perhaps a mug shot or two… however I decided to act like an adult and just get one of the building outside.  (Well, that and my German isn’t nearly good enough to form that into a coherent sentence.)

And don’t think you’re getting away without a church shot from Stassfurt! As we were walking home from the choir concert we passed this church with a “cross” of jet trails:

2011-06-21 21.46.47


And finally, I’m always interested to see how the towns are going to advertise for our set of concerts.  Stassfort, as it turns out, didn’t disappoint.

2011-06-21 21.41.45

A. The Blue Lake picture is from Elijah last year.  B. I don’t know WHAAAT is happening to the right, but I. Am. LOVING it!


Artist: Barbra Streisand/ Album: The Second Barbra Streisand Album

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