Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Saturn, Bringer of Old Age


This has been floating around on some of the blogs I frequent and I thought it would be a nice bit of brevity for anyone with a bad case of the Tuesdays. (Or as we call it here at Blue Lake: existence).

The footage, edited by Chris Abbas, is derived from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. According to the filmmaker:

The nature of the raw imagery is interesting; interspersed between the erratic, often chaotic frame sequences are long, majestic moments of graceful ring revolutions or slowly turning moons. This juxtaposition of erratic and graceful movements was something I wanted to play with and it was the criteria for my shot selection. It’s always an extremely difficult process when all your source imagery is beautiful to begin with. Thanks, Cassini. Thanks.

- The Atlantic



For more information on the Cassini mission check out NASA’s page here!

Artist: Gustav Holst/ Album: The Planets

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