Tuesday, June 28, 2011



Our fabulous host mother in Minden asked us when we first arrived if we had any specific requests as far as meals were concerned, and after all of us basically said whatever she wanted to serve we would be happy she responded with something along the lines of: “Well, I know you will be getting a lot of wurst and potatoes and sauerkraut and other typical German food on your trip, so how about one day we make a meal inspired by our many mission trips to Tanzania!?!”

As there was much chopping and preparing to do we all chipped in and helped with the cooking process.  At one point Eric was slicing the peppers and as she passed by I yelled “SMILE FOR THE BLOG”… and this is what I got:

2011-06-26 13.55.50



I decided to take the same approach with the zucchini, whereas Adam was a bit kindlier to his carrots:

2011-06-26 14.01.13  2011-06-26 14.04.16

Why they let me around the children I’ll never know


2011-06-26 14.13.39



2011-06-26 14.41.23

Adam, Eric, Brian, Tabea (our host sister), Frau Krupper, Mahogany, Sabrina, Mark


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