Saturday, June 18, 2011

Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Dessert


After the Brahms concert last night, Sabrina (the soprano soloist) and I were invited by the founders of the camp, Fritz and Gretchen Stansell, to attend a small dessert party at the home of a local resident and composer who has worked with the camp since its inception.

2011-06-17 21.12.05

Dr. James and Helen Niblock live on the edge of nearby White Lake and were kind enough to have us in their home for delicious cheesecake and, more importantly, wonderful conversation with human beings who are above the age of 15!

More impressively, though, was the view of the lake at sunset.  My camera didn’t really do it justice but I did my best!

2011-06-17 21.07.51

Walkway to the beach house


2011-06-17 21.08.52



We leave tomorrow morning for a bus ride to Chicago and then it’s off to Paris for the beginning of the European tour.  What a lovely way to end the week!


Artist: Pink Floyd/ Album: The Final Cut

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