Monday, June 27, 2011

Think Pink!


On the third day in Stassfurt Frank took me to Magdenburg, the capitol city of their state.  Upon arriving into the city we parked next to the Johanniskirche (St. John Church) and took a tour, climbing, if I remember my German correctly, about 45,000 steps (give or take a couple of thousand… my brain and my thigh muscles seem to disagree a bit on the accounting.)

2011-06-23 11.10.07  2011-06-23 10.49.02

The church and its mildly mostly creepy door


2011-06-23 10.57.55

2011-06-23 10.58.24

Two views of the city (and the Elbe river) from the top of the tower


But don’t just think this 1,206 year old (unlike the number of stairs in the St. John Church, this is not a hyperbole) city is stuck in the past.  One of the highlights includes this crazy group of buildings.

2011-06-23 11.26.55  2011-06-23 11.27.30



Magdenburg is also home to several notable scientific and musical personalities!

2011-06-23 11.14.34

2011-06-23 11.14.59

Otto von Guericke, inventor of the Magdenburg hemispheres and the physics of vacuums… and housewives everywhere cheer!


2011-06-23 11.11.29

The “Magdenburg Rider”, who I didn’t read anything about but I’m sure Sarah Palin would agree he was most likely warning the British that the Americans were coming


2011-06-23 11.12.36

The city is also the birthplace of composer Georg Phillipp Telemann! Here’s a taste:



Artist: Ira and George Gershwin/ Album: Funny Face

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