Friday, June 10, 2011

Ice Dance


The night before I left Houston proper (I still had my stop in The Woodlands the following evening) I was lucky enough to go to my first hockey game evar with my friend Jennifer and her family.  That’s right, readers, Houston has a hockey team: the Aero’s!

2011-06-07 19.07.19

They literally rolled out a red carpet for this guy to toss the coin.  Or the puck.  Or whatever was being tossed.  I WANT HIS JOB!


When going to get my requisite nachos and beer at one of the breaks I came across this “green” ad for the Prius:

2011-06-07 19.38.07


That’d be nice except I’m pretty sure it’s a rip off of a Pushing Daisies episode that featured a dandelion powered car… …

Dandylionsx  dummy-20071011030829055


The Aero’s were playing the Binghamton Senators and unfortunately did not win the game—a fact that everyone in Jennifer’s family blamed on me because they had been doing so well in the past :(  At any rate, I had a great time and would count hockey high amongst the different types of sports I would go see again.

The plus side of the evening is that I got to see Jennifer one last time before heading away for the summer!



Artist: Danny Elfman/ Album: Edward Scissorhands

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