Sunday, June 12, 2011

Anyone Can Cook


Because I value you, my dear blog readers, I decided to put my health at risk at your request and do a follow up blog post to one I made about my previous trip to Blue Lake in May.  More specifically, I returned to the gas station near highway 31 and “cooked” myself up a good ol’ fashioned bowl of biscuits and gravy. For those unfamiliar with this assault on the culinary community check here.

Step 1: Peel back corner of film from tray to vent.  Heat in microwave for 10-15 seconds.

2011-06-12 16.08.04

The antici… … … pation is killing me!


Step 2: Peel back film and enjoy with Bob Evans sausage gravy from dispenser.

Stray observation—apparently the optimal temperature for gravy is 156 degrees in case any of you needed to jot that down in your recipe books


2011-06-12 16.12.46

Enjoying the “nose” of the complex flavor combinations


2011-06-12 16.13.17

Not so much enjoying the “taste.” Sabrina on the other hand…


2011-06-12 16.14.35

Biscuits (and gravy) be CRAZY!


Actually, her real response went a little something like this:

Sabrina: It’s not sausagy enough.  My guess is they didn’t use any sage.

Leah: Ummm… ya THINK?!

Step 3: Proceed immediately to restroom or hospital, whichever happens to be closest.

Artist: Michael Giacchino/ Album: Ratatouille


  1. I'm so bummed it wasn't good...although what did I really expect with gravy out of a gas station dispenser. We can have REAL gravy when you come HOME!!!

  2. I'm still laughing at you saying, "I want full toppings!" LOL!
    Totally blog worthy.


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