Saturday, June 11, 2011

Goodbye Again


I have previously mentioned my last night in Houston proper, but I had one more stop before I left the Lone Star State for good. Instead of leaving my truck sitting idle for a long period of time at my apartment, my parents were generous enough to come down for my last supper (Tex-Mex, duh) and take the General back to Crockett for his own little summer vacation.

2011-06-08 18.50.28

I see you trying to photo-bomb our picture, man in the back!


As is apt to happen before a flight out of George Bush International Airport, I stayed with my friend Mallory the night before so that she could take me to the airport.  But first I had to finalize some of my packing with a little help from my assistant.

2011-06-09 10.01.09

I know you’d love to see your great godmother when I’m in Belgium, Paige, but I’m pretty sure that you’d show up on the x-ray screening


She even made time in her busy schedule to ride to the airport with Mal and me:

2011-06-09 11.37.20



For some reason I didn’t get a picture with Mallory before I left and the next time I see her she will have had baby numero dos, Pressley!

And finally, for one more parting shot, I leave you with one of those cheesy sunset picture from the plane worthy of Senor Velveta himself:

2011-06-09 21.10.20


Artist: Vertical Horizon/ Album: Go

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