Sunday, June 20, 2010

Into the Woods

A reproduction of us at the beginning of the week.  Look how happy we are!

Intensive week is FINALLY over and holy mother am I exhausted. Getting up at 6 am and having nine hours of rehearsal a day with these kids just sucks the energy right out of ya, but it has been a wonderful time and both of our concerts went very well!! I have now officially sung my first Elijah and couldn't be happier about it.

Enjoy these pictures from the camp grounds.  You may notice that there aren't any campers in these pictures... we are (rightfully) contractually obligated to get written permission from the campers if we want to take/use their picture and I just don't haz the time or energy to deal with that.

Blue Lake?  I mean, I guess that's what this is... it's next to the campus so it must be, right?
The "Beaux" Cabin, which I lived in for the week with another counselor and eight of the campers, is located in the Siena unit of cabins and lies in the "back 40" of the camp grounds.  Basically that means you have to walk a long ass way to get to the main campus
My little nook with my record player to keep out the insanity.  Interestingly enough, the round pillow you see is from the May rehearsal weekend.  I accidentally forgot to bring one from home and had twenty minutes to run to Walgreen's and find one at a nearby town.  Unfortunately the only pillow they had was a tiny tiny one for ten dollars.  Sabrina, the soprano soloist, was with me and was like: "Um, Joseph, I don't know if you'd be interested, but this dog bed is also only ten dollars and much bigger"  So..... I slept on a dog bed and let me tell you, at the end of a long day that shiz is!
Walking from the back 40 to main campus through the... ... ...
Interested in losing a couple of pounds before some special occasion next week.  I highly recommend the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp diet... walk walk walk walk sing sing sing sing eat walk walk walk
Honestly, I have about enough sand in my shoes to build a one-month timer
The Stewart Concert Shell, where we performed Elijah.
Miller Theater, where the choir's a capella concert was held
Beautiful log-cabin chapel
This place is just ridiculous!  The "Rose" theater, a reproduction of an Elizabethan theater, where the theater group will present their Shakespeare plays
Inside the "Rose"
A typical meal at Blue Lake.  I'm not sure if you know this, but potato salad goes with EVERY meal.  Sure, it looks delicious with a cheese burger, but imagine how great it tastes with tacos (!) and chinese food (!!) and basically anything edible :(
Ellen, one of the counselors, and Emily, the mezzo soloist in Elijah
Myself and Seth trying to act like we have the energy to live
John, the tenor soloist, and Sabrina, the soprano soloist getting ready to build a campfire for the kids.  (With the general watching guard of course!)

The counselors at the end of the week.  Fifteen hours from when this picture was taken, the nine of us will be herding seventy-two choir members from western Michigan to Chicago O'Hare airport and on our way to Paris, Fuh-rance.  So as Jason Stackhouse would do, please pray to God, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Allah, Confusion, Buddha, Scientology, aliens or that lion from Narnia to make sure that we all make it there with our sanity in tact

An interesting side-note for you all of you film buffs (and I do use that term rather loosely), the movie American Pie is based on Blue Lake Fine Arts camp but the directors refused to let them film anything on the campus.  So there ya go!

Artist: Stephen Sondheim/ Album: Into the Woods

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