Sunday, June 27, 2010


This is a guest post from Joseph's one-and-only sister-in-law Joanie!  While Joseph is off travelling the globe, he asked me to do a guest post for him...of my interesting life here stuck at home!  I have a blog where I basically just post pictures and stories of my adorable son, so since that's what I do best, that's what I'll do here!

Here's a few from a visit to see Joseph's grandfather:

And a few from a visit to Joseph's hometown...

This one he is saying goodbye as his granddad leaves for work.

And Joseph isn't the only musical genius in the family!  It's genetic!

I think we can all recognize those rolled-up sleeves pushing this kid on his car!

And then here we are, stuck at a small-town church in an ice storm.  What a Christmas memory!  He'll have to do a separate post about that sometime. 
So that's all I've got!  Are you just completely in love with my son now?  Isn't he the most adorable child you've ever seen?  If the answer is no, I don't really need to know that.

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  1. Joanie, JD told me about your blog and I checked it out, I think you are so witty! So if you see Durango, CO popping up, I promise I'm not stalking you! ;-) Such cute pictures!


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