Monday, June 21, 2010

Entr'acte: The European Tour

By the time this post goes up I will have landed in Paris and started out European tour!!!!!!  I thought this would be a fun time to reminisce and look at some of my favorite pictures from the semester I spent abroad living in Florence, Italy. Forgive me for how geographically schizophrenic the order of the pictures is!

My friends Meredith, Jamie and I in the market in Florence.  My apartment is the window directly to the right of the top of my head

Castle in Wales

Overlooking the city of Cardiff

Oh on the Isle of Capri....

Inside the Vienna Opera house where I saw Andrea Chenier

Stonehenge!!!!!! The Greatest henge in the world... take that wood henge and straw henge!

The LouvRUH

I mean, come on... ya gotta

2004 American Presidential election at a Brazilian dance club in Florence Italy.  It was like a United Colors of Beneton add up in there

Temple in Delphi, Greece

Sun setting over the Greek island of Santorini


Wine cellar in Tuscany

Mount Vesuvius as seen from Pompeii

Grandaddy Dan, Joyce and I on the steps of the Vatican

Thanksgiving dinner in Rome.  You probably can't see it, but mom brought napkins with Turkeys on them!

My Italian language class!!

My two best friends while in Florence: Lauren, Meredith and I in front of our school

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