Saturday, June 5, 2010


A little while ago I got to spend the afternoon at a high fashion (or haute couture for you snoody snoots) photo shoot right here in our very own Ann Arbor.  As luck would have it, it was even the model's birthday and I snuck a couple of behind the scenes shots to share!

A girl's gotta maintain her figure

If the paparazzi show up, you might as well give 'em a show

Ugh... stage mothers:  "STAY ON YOUR MARK!!!!!!"

Setting the stage. Because the glamour doesn't just happen by its self, people

"Give me thoughtful reminiscence"

"Okay, now give me you've just met Joseph for the first time"

Body By Baby.  Jane Fonda better watch her articulately crafted behind out!!

"I'm ONE now... where's my driver's licence? Where's my MAC Viva Glam? And where in God's name is my diamond necklace?!?"

For a bit of full (and quite obvious) disclosure, these are from Alyssa Eder's first birthday portrait shoot.  So it's basically less Madison Avenue with Richard Avedon and more Sears at the southwest corner of Briarwood mall with some caffeine overdosed, hyper complimentary photographer in waiting... but honestly, isn't she just the CUTEST!  Alyssa is the daughter of my friend Kristin, whom you might remember as the Armide from the other cast of the winter opera.

In other celebratory first birthday news, my friend Mallory's daughter, Paige, also just celebrated her first birthday and is having a blow out party today in The Woodlands, Texas.  I WISH I COULD BE THERE!

Paige and I at Christmas.  Look how sunny it is in Texas in December!

I am so happy for the both of you and consider myself lucky to get to spend time with your beautiful young ladies!!!!!

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