Monday, June 14, 2010

Back to School Again

So first things first. Today I'll be blogging about my friend JD. Now you might know him as Joseph, but for me, I just can't make the switch to using what I like to refer to as his "stage name". (And yes, he's reminded me time and again that Joseph is his actual name.) But I'm a bit like The Cosby Show's Rudy when she would only refer to Kenny as 'Bud'. So as much as "Joseph" may not like JD, can you imagine the reaction he'd have to Bud?!

I first met JD back at Crockett Jr. High where he was one of my students. It took about two seconds to figure out JD was not like the other kids. But what you might be surprised to learn is that he actually did look like the other kids. I do not lie when I say I have seen our beloved fashionista wearing wind pants, Nike T-shirts, and jackets that weren't pea coats. There were no scarves, no accessories, and most hair product! (Seriously. I remember getting water out of the water fountain to try and do something with his hair.) I promise I have a picture of him wearing blue jean shorts and a CJH Bulldogs T-shirt. Unfortunately for me, that picture is at my parents' house in Texas.

But talking to JD was more enjoyable than talking to most adults. (Obviously we weren't talking fashion in those days.) It was like he was a an adult...just trapped in the body of a 7th grader. He went to Shakespeare camp, traveled to New York to see Broadway productions, and could have cared less what the other kids were doing. JD and I went to movies together, ate at Lee's China Inn, and he was great entertainment at football games. (I had to go as the drill team director, and goodness knows neither of us was interested in watching the game!) And though I have a few former students who have friended me on Facebook, JD is the only one I talk to at least once a week. I tell him he's my most famous friend, and love being the coolest mom at playgroup when I work "my friend, the opera singer, said" into conversation.

So, Most-Famous-Opera-Singer-Friend-JD, I hope you're having a fabulous time at camp, and I'm going to show off this picture of us to your loyal readers since I'm in charge of this post and, frankly, I look a-may-zing!

NOTE FROM JD JOSEPH: Check out Jan's fantastic blog here.  DO IT! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIZ REYNOLDS!

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  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I love that you'll be older than me next month. Funny how that happened!


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