Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Prince and I


Today is a big day here on the blog: it’s my friend, Matt’s, birthday AND the gallery is having the opening of Henry Horentstein’s Show exhibit from 6-8.  Some of you may be thinking… how on earth can those two things have something in common?

When I moved back to Texas in September you might remember I stayed with Matt and Mallory in the interim until I found an apartment.  I’ve never really been a big watcher of America’s Got Talent but they were ub-sessed with one of the contestants at the time and told me I haaaad to watch it with them.  The contestant in question—Prince Poppycock—woul perform glam versions of opera arias (I’ll recuse myself from getting on my high horse about the fact that he’s not really an opera singer).  Needless to say, Matt kinda wouldn’t stop talking about him.

Jump ahead to a couple of weeks ago when we got the list of pictures for the exhibit and I saw there was a picture of Prince Poppycock in the collection! Before making it on America’s Got Talent, he was heavily involved in the neo-burlesque movement of the last decade and Henry had photographed him.  What syzygy!!

So for Matt’s birthday I thought I’d force myself into the picture a bit… … …

  2011-04-29 13.10.17   HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM THE PRINCE AND I!!!!


Artist: Cy Coleman/ Album: Little Me

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