Friday, April 1, 2011

Dancing Queen


Due to last week’s opening at the gallery I completely failed to get up a post last Friday.  Don’t worry, though, I haven’t forgotten that…





I came across these pictures while doing a bit of blog trolling on the way to work yesterday morning (Houston traffic is rife with opportunities to get off a quick text or sneak a peak at websites like Fark, where this comes from).  Terry Border’s Bent Objects is a collection of complex vignettes made from everyday items that range from humorous to dark, parody to social commentary and quite frankly I LOVE THEM. 

(For a different look at the artist, check out my completely different blog post appropriately entitled “Gentlemen Prefer Buttercreams” at the John Cleary Gallery blog!)


“Dancing Queens”


For Jeremy:

So_many_books_so_little_time   Salome

             “So Many Books, So Little Time”                     “How to Get Ahead Without Even Trying, or ‘Salome’ “



“Literary Interpretations”


fruit_with_life_experience    Adverse_side_effects

“Fruit with Life Experience”                                                   “Adverse Side Effects”


For Will, our blog’s resident entomologist (sorry, Luke, but he actually has a master in bug-ology [seriously]):


“Office Supplies in the Jungle”

Artist: ABBA/ Album: Greatest Hits

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