Friday, April 29, 2011

Love and the Rehearsal


Tonight I attended the rehearsal dinner (and of course actual rehearsal) for my friend Brett and his fiancée, Kat.  In a nut shell, Brett was my brother’s roommate during their tenure at Texas A&M and has since become a close friend of the family.  Matt is a groomsman, my nephew, Luke, is the ring bearer, and I’m singing… it’s basically Robert’s-palooza 2011 here in Houston this weekend! My friend, Monica, is my date for the weekend and was able to attend the rehearsal dinner with me at Ouisie’s Table.  Let’s enjoy some photographic evidence of the evening, shall we?!


Lamenting the fact that, although the party was decorated immaculately, I CAN’T GET AWAY FROM POTTERY BARN PRODUCTS!!!



Mom, Myself and Monica.  I always appreciate some good alliteration!



Dad couldn’t help but get in on the action (Facebook style).  Also, I have a bit of crazy eyes going on in this one…



Monica, an avid jogger, pointing out that the pan roasted chicken was served with “running gear”  (whatever the eff that means)



Me entertaining Luke with an Alphabet book.  (“P” is for “Pig” btw… in case you weren’t already aware)



Dad entertaining Dad with Luke’s Etch-a-Sketch.  THIEF!


DSC06315    DSC06316

Dessert Diptych #2 (You might remember #1 from an earlier post)


Artist: Stephen Warbeck/ Album: Shakespeare in Love


  1. correction. P is for Paige. And Presley. And also for Please bring me that cake!

  2. been to ouisie's table for a wedding reception...aimee clements','s a cool place! hope you sang awesomely!


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