Monday, December 27, 2010

A Seafood Song


Christmas Eve this year was the scene of two rather untraditional—yet traditional in their own rights—holiday feasts.  (More on the second one in a later post).

First a little back story about my friend, Will.  Now, Will and I were good friends in the 7th grade at Crockett Junior High School but his family moved away before the next school year (I know, how selfish of them) and we never really reconnected until a couple of years later after the advent of Facebook, and even then it was basically just “oh hey, look, we’re both on Facebook.”  Another couple of years passed and I was getting ready to move to Ann Arbor for grad school.  On a whim I took a gander at my friends list to see if I knew anyone living in Michigan.  Lo and behold, Mr. Kuhn himself was actually living in that very city!  This is most likely how that conversation went:

Me: “Hey so… I know we haven’t really talked in about ten years buuuut… are you living in Ann Arbor?”

Will: “Oh hey! Yup, been here for just a little while.”

Me: “Ummmmmmwwwhat the hell are you doing there?!?”

Will: “My boyfriend is in the school of music and I am working while he finishes his degree.”

Me: “SHUT.UP! I’m moving to Ann Arbor AND going to the school of music!!!”

And thus our friendship was re-kindled.  (As a side note, he was also responsible for getting me hired at the Pottery Barn, so I have him to thank for the dark circles under my eyes).

All this to say I have stayed very much in touch with him even since we have parted ways a second time.  Though he just finished a masters in Entomology from Virginia Tech we still manage to see each other during the holidays, what with his parents living only 45 minutes from Crockett and 1 1/2 hours from Houston.  In fact, his grandmother lives a stone’s throw away from where I work and she was kind enough to invite me to their annual pre-Christmas shrimp feast!!

Naomi had quite the feast set up and I am so grateful to have gotten to see Will and Aaron and the rest of the fam!

2010-12-24 15.42.06

Crustacean Christmas!!!!



Josephlielmo, Googlielmo and Aaron


2010-12-24 15.17.22

“Well hello there… what are you doing later tonight?”

Unfortunately I had to head out sooner that I had wished in order to get over to the church for the first of two Christmas Eve services… but hey, I’ll take three hours with good friends over none at all!!

Artist: The Divine Comedy/ Album: Promenade

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  1. You have so many nice friends! Not that I've met many of them or anything, but I'm sure you know what you're talking about. I'm glad you had a great time. The Grinch doll is a little creepy.



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