Friday, December 3, 2010

Loveliest of Trees


Well it’s the beginning of December, which for me marks the official beginning of Christmastime.  Yeah yeah, I get that most people begin after Thanksgiving and others started about 4 months ago, but I don’t really get serious about it until December actually rolls around.  And it wouldn’t be Christmas at the Joseph Roberts household without the return of one certain tradition:

christmastreeheadIT’S CHRIMMUHTREEHEAD (that would be Christmastreehead for the uneducated amongst you)


That’s right folks, he’s baaAAAAAaack!!! My BFFEVAR Jamie and I were making sugarcookies several several years ago and she came up with this surreal concoction of dough and icing was born into the world.  He’s basically a Rorschach test for your Christmastime psyche:  some see a jolly half tree/half man, others see a freakishly terrifying physical representation of all that is unholy in mankind.  (Also known as: the holidays as seen through a retail associate.) I’m always shocked whenever I put it as my profile picture on Facebook to see what a big following he has!


This particular cookie making session ranks up there pretty high amongst my favs.  I mean, any time Jamie and I are in a room full of what is basically a giant mound of sugar, fun times are sure to be had by all involved (unless you happen to be in the room trying to do something else, and then I’m sure the constant giggling can be grating as hell). At any rate, we’re basically the Henri Matisses of the cookie dough art scene.


“The Dance” ~ Matisse



“The Hot Mess” ~ Bradley and Roberts


Now, Mr. Treehead is not the only cookie made—just the best.  Here are some of my own creations, which appear to be utterly mundane in comparison.

joseph platter

That would be a cookie version of me on the far left, btw


And now for a bit of programming notes. This post began as being a compendium of sorts of my favorite things about the holidays but it grew to be a bit bigger than I had originally anticipated, so I for the month of December I will occasionally talk about these “traditions” of sorts. (Well, that and I really didn’t want that much crazy to be on display in one easily identifiable location.)

Artist: George Butterworth (no relation to Mrs., unfortunately)/ Album: Bryn Terfel—The Vagabond


  1. You have inspired me to do something other than angels and santas this year. Marshall and Bridget are going to have some fun!

  2. I would have recognized your cookie as you had it been wearing a fabulous scarf.


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