Monday, December 13, 2010

These are the Special Times

When I was an undergraduate at Baylor I had the opportunity to take part in the filming of Christmas at Baylor, a 2004 PBS concert special that aired across the country during the holiday season.  It was really quite a spectacle, involving several choirs, the symphony orchestra, the fabulous McLane organ and a cast and crew of THOUSANDS* filmed in locations throughout Baylor’s campus.  I bring it out every Christmas and watch it at least twice. (Photos are all screenshots from the DVD)




Can you see me?



What abooooouuuuut NOW?



Brass ensemble performing in the Truett seminary building



The a capella choir under the direction of Dr. Baily performing in the Armstrong Browning Library, which is also home to the largest collections of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning (and, as a more random side note, secular stained glass) in the world.  Including Borneo.



The finally finale



A little “behind the scenes” action



*insert Sunset Boulevard joke here*


Whenever my grandmother Joyce used to attend my choir concerts she would come up to me afterwards and say something along the lines of: “I could hear you out of everyone! You sounded so good!!”  To which I would always respond: “Well, then that means I wasn’t exactly doing my job.”  I always knew she was kidding but I loved the sentiment, nonetheless.


My favorite piece from the special is “Christmas Day,” which is basically a Christmas medley on crack. I CAN’T STOP LISTENING TO IT!!!



*all numbers are approximate and completely fabricated

Artist: Christina Aguilera/ Album: My Kind of Christmas


  1. This was the year I was NOT at Baylor so I missed the JOY that was this experience. And I kept saying how sorry I was I missed it, but apparently it scarred quite a few people--every time it was mentioned I heard moans and groans and horror stories about standing in the same place for 5 solid hours and nearly fainting/dying of starvation/gnawing on a tenor to keep up their strength.

    And they are right-- I think I would have hated every bleeding moment--considering how I felt--still feel--about choir. But it is still cool. I would like to see the program one day...


  2. umm...i hate to be a fame whore, BUT....i think i should be tagged in this post.

  3. I know it took me a long time to comment, but I wanted to listen to you singing before I commented. I finally got to listen, were the best one!!! ;-) And BTW, do you have higlights in that pic of you? Or is it just that fancy stage lighting?


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