Saturday, December 4, 2010

‘Zat You, Santa Claus?


This morning (8:45 to be exact.. wah wah) I joined the Bell/Yartym clan for breakfast with Santa at the Aquarium restaurant!!!!!!  I had to explain to my friends at work that yes, there were children involved and I wasn’t going to, you know, meet Santa personally or anything.  I missed out on last year’s festivities so was happy when Mallory invited me to come along!

2010-12-04 09.34.19


2010-12-04 09.34.00  


This is actually Paige’s second breakfast with the jolly one, but according to Greg, Mallory’s dad, at least she was awake for the whole thing this time.

2010-12-04 09.23.49

Paige (looking as adorable as ever) and her cousin, Reagan (who is clearly not impressed). 


2010-12-04 09.35.19

Paige Yartym: apparently throwing gang signs starts at an early age. YOU HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!


And just in case you thought that the restaurant was an aquarium in name only:

2010-12-04 09.43.26


2010-12-04 10.01.22    2010-12-04 09.45.41

                           Is that David Sedaris in there?!?!                                    I’M STARTING TO WRINKLE!!!!!         


BUT THERE’S MORE! The Aquarium is more than just a restaurant… and an aquarium.  That’s right, folks, there are also carnival rides and Lady Paige was NOT getting away without a ride.  Some of you northerners may be thinking to yourself “But Joseph, it’s Winter!  Isn’t it too cold for outdoor joyification?”  And, of course, like most northerners, you would be WRONG!!!!  In true Texas fashion, Santa not only brought toys to all the boys and girls  but 70 degree weather as well.  TAKE THAT OZONE!

2010-12-04 10.09.02


2010-12-04 10.13.24


2010-12-04 10.17.43



Seeing as how the holidays can be a taaaaad stressful for basically everyone involved over the age of 7, and, seeing how this post just happens to be about an aquarium, here is a fascinating video of the second largest aquarium IN THE WORLD. (That last bit was supposed to be read as if David Attenborough were saying it).  So take a chill pill—that would be a Xanex for my waspy housewife readers—and relax already!


Artist: Louis Armstrong/ Album: Christmas Through the Years


  1. i think the last pic should be my christmas card. i look terrible, but everyone else looks smashing!

  2. I love the music accompanying the aquarium video.


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