Friday, December 24, 2010

Sniff, Sniff


Over the period of a couple of years when I was in high school and my undergrad I amassed about ten different brands of cologne. Some I wear for certain seasons, some with certain colors, and some for certain moods.  (If you ever get a whiff of Dolce and Gabbana then watch out… I’m probably not in the best of spirits.)

In a response to a friends compliment on my musk one day:

“Oh, thanks! I’m actually kind of a scent whore.”

“What?! A centaur? You know, Joseph, sometimes I really don’t get the punch lines to your jokes.”

And, although we all know I love a good bit of half human/half beast mythology, that’s not exactly what I had in mind.

I wear Burberry cologne on the 25th and it is the only time in a year I do so. My bottle only has a couple of spritzes left (I think I’m covered through 2015) and for some reason I associate that scent with Christmas. Perhaps it’s because it has an “aromatic, woody, fougere fragrance […] with dry down notes of amber, cedarwood and tonka beans*.”  Or more likely still, perhaps it just SMELLS LIKE FRIGGIN’ CHRISTMAS.  Needless to say, with limited supplies I save it for that day and that day only.


And no, this isn’t my trying to subtly hint about a Christmas idea… As I mentioned, I have about plenty of different colognes… so I’m covered. (And most likely in too much cologne.) Ba-dum-ching!  Also my hints are not so subtle.  I STILL WANT THAT WATCH!!!


Artist: Martin Short/ Album: Fame Becomes Me

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