Monday, December 6, 2010

O Tannenbaum


Since moving away from Crockett I haven’t exactly been the most consistent as far as Christmas tree’s are concerned.  I had a two foot tall fake one I think I used at Baylor once, and in my first three years at Michigan (where there are an abundance of real ones littering the landscape) I didn’t want to deal with the picking up/arranging/disposal of it all.  Quite frankly the whole notion of holiday decorating seems like too much of a hassle to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about a  themed house… it’s just that I tend to do best with say, a themed shelf or corner.

So this year I have the “Christmas tree” set up in my bedroom:

2010-12-02 18.14.02

With a some help from Lady Mahalia (Mrs. Jackson if ya nasty!) and Lil’ Babz


When I moved into my new apartment in Ann Arbor I re-purposed a branch from outside my patio and hung it in the living room above my sofa.  Seeing how it was already there just begging to be used—which meant I had to do nothing more than hang the ornaments—I  thought it would be the perfect Christmas tree.


Unfortunately, this awkwardly shaped behemoth didn’t exactly fit into the u-Haul for the trek back to Texas. Worry not, though, dear readers, because Mary (my fellow Dap-Queen and entertainer of presidents) inherited it and has been putting it to good use!


I. love. it! Even if it is technically a retrograde inversion of the original. STOP BEING SUCH A SERIALIST!!!

Now, if you wanna see what some real tree-decoratin’ looks like, check out Crazy Christmas Lady  Little Miss Christmas Jan’s guest entry on “Or So She Says…” all about innovative Christmas tree decorating ideas! Texas theme tree anyone?!?


Artist: Vince Guaraldi Trio/ Album: A Charlie Brown Christmas


  1. Is the scarf part of the holiday decor or is it always there?

  2. there's generally a rotation of attire on my good friend there!


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