Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Booklovers


Ever since my nephew, Luke, was born I have given him some of my favorite children’s books in addition to his birthday and Christmas presents.  I especially like the ones for this year, but as I’m sure he’s an AVID fan of the blog I won’t ruin the surprise by putting up the titles.  That is, unless the surprise ends up to be utter disappointment like the kid in this video that’s been popping up on a lot of blogs I read.

You will READ it and you will LOVE it, Luke!


*Update:  I was in such a hurry on my break earlier that I forgot to add an epilogue of sorts to the video.  The mother actually disabled comments on her youtube page because she kept on getting so much nasty feedback:

After opening a whole bunch of toys, my son 3 year old came across a present with books....keep in mind that this was kinda like his first "real" Christmas....and again he's was only three years old!....let me repeat. ONLY THREE YEARS OLD... And that he could just about understand and get the concept of the whole gift getting thing. I guess much to the blame of me, the media, and every commercial out there on TV he was more under the perception that you only get "toys" for christmas. To him Books are the fun time we spend reading (no less than three) every night before he goes to bed. Let me make something clear again. HE REALLY DOES LOVE BOOKS! But I'm guessing he was "overwhelmed" after opening way too many gifts (my fault I went overboard that year) and I think he felt "tricked upon" when he opened the the fact that we were laughing at his reaction kinda egged him on to say the Poo statement..... He really is one of the sweetest kids I know and to see this reaction (if you know him yourself) IS cute.
I have deleted a lot of very undeserved negative comments that have been posted....I understand now that without a good understanding of the back history one could make a poor assumption of him....but now i hope you know that he was ONLY THREE YEARS OLD PEOPLE and that he only thought your supposed to get toys for christmas....partly because of how commercialized this holiday has become.....we have since taught him differently..............but just for kicks were gonna wrap books again for him and see what happens....


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  1. lol... apparently the mother put up a comment on her youtube explaining the situation... it's now been updated for your viewing convenience!


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