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There’s one rather silly picture from my study abroad semester I always go back and look at during Christmastime.  Does anyone here know what a nutria is? Well for the uninformed amongst you, it’s a semiaquatic rodent affectionately referred to as the “beaver rat,” which is a name that probably doesn’t give these little fella’s enough credit.  I mean, who else in the animal kingdom would dress up as the Medici family for a good holiday dinner scene?

Nutria alla Firenze

Lorenzo is NOT having it!


My dear dear friends Lauren and Meredith and I took a weekend trip to Vienna one weekend and were lucky enough to be there the same time as the Christmas market.  The same market where I bought about 12 glass ornaments that I then had to carry in my lap the whole plane ride home so they didn’t break. It’s also the same market where Lauren, Meredith and I pigged out on Viennese street food.


Exhibit A.  (Also, way to laugh in my face, Meredith


We also couldn’t miss out on a trip to the Schoenbrunn Palace, so here’s my Christmas card circa 2004:


Meredith, Myself, Lauren


Artist: Jule Styne/ Album: Funny Girl

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