Sunday, December 12, 2010

Invocation to the Muses


Mom and dad came up this past weekend to do some holiday shopping and see me for the  first time in my “new” city.  All we did was shop, eat and laugh, which for me is basically the perfect family outing.  The only pictures I nabbed were from our dinner at Flora & Muse on Friday evening.  The CityCentre shopping area is right next to Town and Country (where Pottery Barn is located), and having mom and dad in town was a great excuse to try out one of the restaurants there. 




Picture via the restaurant’s home page.  For some reason this girl reminds me of my cousin, Phoebe


2010-12-10 19.52.54


2010-12-10 20.06.58     2010-12-10 20.03.51

Specialty cocktails inspired by the nine muses (goddesses of the arts).  I had the Erato ~ Muse of Love. Comprosed of: "Apricot Liqueur, Lemon, Honey, Peach Bitters, Sparkling Wine


2010-12-10 20.52.44



2010-12-10 21.18.34

One part of the restaurant is actually a European style coffee/pastry/flower Shop


2010-12-10 21.41.50

And because this is December in Texas… outdoor dining!


And, since I’ve mining photos from the past recently, here is a picture of me with the rentz, Brynda, Joyce and Granddaddy Dan in an actual European café from my study abroad all those years ago!

Picture 617


Artist: Stephen Sondheim/ Album: The Frogs

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