Tuesday, December 21, 2010



This past weekend I went to the Third Annual Tacky Sweater Christmas party held by my friend, Stephanie.  Basically the rules are thus: wear a tacky sweater and bring something to dip into the chocolate fountain.  I’m not the best costume dresser (as you may remember from my Halloween post) so I opted for a “red and green” theme.  I must say the host of the party did steal the show, though.


Making our Christmas card photo. LOOK HOW HAPPY WE ARE!


This isn’t my first round on the tacky sweater party merry-go-round, either!  Stephanie actually had her first one in Ann Arbor two years ago.


With special guest stars, Kevin Miller, Kelley Kimball and Jeremy Reger (And yes, despite Stephanie having on the exact same outfit in both pictures—HOW TACKY—they are actually from 2008 and 2010, respectively)

The irony of it all is that as I am writing this post based solely on a party with a cold-weather-clothing theme I am sitting at a coffee shop enjoying a refreshing iced coffee in EIGHTY DEGREE heat.  So… you know, Merry Christmas from Texas and all?


And it’s supposed to get warmer :(


Artist: Meagan Mullally (that would be Karen from Will and Grace)/ Album: Big as a Berry

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  1. Quite the balmy weather; so much for roasting chestnuts by an open fire....


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