Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Snowglobe Christmas


Last night I went to yet another fabulous gallery row opening event at the John Cleary Gallery! It’s probably my favorite place in Houston and Catherine and the gang were just voted the best art gallery in the city.  I honestly could spend hours in there just going from photo to photo.


The gallery: (there actually were a lot of people there throughout the evening, I just took these after closing)

2010-12-04 20.28.30


2010-12-04 20.27.55


2010-12-04 20.27.02


This time I actually remembered to get a picture of me and the hostess-with-the-mostest:

Catherine: (upon seeing me) “Well hello there Mr. Roberts, lookin’ all Kanye West on a Saturday night!”

Me: “Oh you know me and Kanye, we’re reeeeaaaaal close.  There’s nothing we like better than sittin’ around on a Tuesday evening listening to Stephen Sondheim and discussing Pottery Barn’s newest duvet covers. He loves a good pickstitch!!!”

Catherine: “Oh please, all he would do is talk about himself the whole time anyway.”

2010-12-04 19.50.42

Me (lookin’ all Kanye) and Catherine (lookin’ all fabulous)


This new exhibit, aptly named “Deck the Walls” consists not of a singular photographer’s works, but of whatever the hell Catherine wants to put up. Following are my fav's of her fav’s (and please forgive the glare in the pictures… unlike the artists represented in the gallery, I am definitely not a pro!)

The Tree Show:

2010-12-04 18.50.06

Jerry Ueslmann Untitled, 1969

2010-12-04 20.25.00

Mitch Dobrowner Wind Swept Tree, 2006 (Archival pigment ink print)


2010-12-04 18.50.55

Charles Grogg Bonzai 5 (platinum/palladium on Japanese gampi)


Not trees:

2010-12-04 18.51.42

Jeff Charbonneau and Elliza French Dividing Suns (chromogenic print)


2010-12-04 18.53.20

Elliott Erwitt France, Paris, 1898 (gelatin silver print)


Because of the John Cleary Gallery I have come to know—and fall in love with—the works of Maggie Taylor. For those of you who weren’t able to snatch up one of those twelve watches I begged asked for the other day, you can rectify this gift giving situation by buying me one of her prints!  K… glad we got that taken care of.

2010-12-04 18.47.57

Girl in a bee dress


Just as you can’t get the whole experience by watching an opera on DVD as opposed to going to the theater, these snapshots are only a partial representation of the actual works themselves.  So as Hamlet so aptly puts it—GET THEE TO A GALLERY!! (or something like that)  Oh, and join their blog while at it to be kept up to date on when the next exhibition will be!


Artist: Pink Martini/ Album: Joy to the World

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  1. Thank you for putting up a picture of Catherine. I can see why people say we look alike!


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