Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Doctor is In


Now I know a lot of people have set-in-stone traditions on Christmas day.  Some open presents first thing in the morning.  Some make gingerbread houses. And for some, the decorations are stripped down before anyone is allowed to get tucked into bed that very night.  Besides all the regular family/reason-for-the—seasoness of it all, December 25th means one thing: the return of the Doctor!!  (Here’s where my nerdiness really shines through, by the way).  Doctor Who is a long running BBC sci-fi show about a space/time traveling alien and his (usually) female Earth companion.  The series began in 1963 and has appeared in various forms ever since.  The most recent regeneration came in 2005 with the ninth Doctor and every Christmas night BBC airs a special that I hastily download that evening (there being a sizeable enough time difference across the pond)!  No, seriously, though, I love it a little too much.


Don’t worry, the TARDIS’ universal translator will take care of that


This years special is inspired by Dickens’ A Christmas Carol but you know… in the future… in space… and with Dumbledore Michael Gambon as Scrooge.  At least I think that is what’s happening here.




The 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, and his companion, Amelia Pond


So here’s hoping that everyone’s Christmas was fantastic, and as the Cybermen love to remind people:


That mean’s you, housewives!!!


And just for a little fun, a selection from CollegeHumor’s five re-imagined children’s classics as sci-fi books:


Dr. Who and Dr. Seuss: Probably my two favorite fake doctors.  (Well… next to Dr. Pepper, that is)


Artist: Clark Gesner/ Album: You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

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