Wednesday, December 22, 2010

C is for Cookie


Christmastime (which C is also for) also means it’s Maersk butter cookie time!!! Mallory’s dad works for the shipping company and for the past 7 years I have gotten a tin of them.  When I lived in Ann Arbor I would always fly into Houston, which meant a stop in The Woodlands on the way back to Crockett, which meant getting to see Mallory, which meant *breath* MAERSK COOKIES!

Mallory’s parents, Greg and Denise, actually got to deliver them this time because when we met up for breakfast with Santa earlier this month.  

2010-12-04 10.04.32

Joseph, Denise, Greg, and the Star of Maersk


My favorite ones are the ones that look like braids, and my only instruction to friends eating from the tin is: “Okay, but none of the braids.”  One time my friend, Will, just laughed and grabbed three of them.  Our friendship almost ended on that day.

2010-12-22 10.38.42

Ingredients: Butter, sugar, love, flour, crack, more butter


So… THANK YOU BELL FAMILY for feeding my sugar habit! Also, just because it’s Christmas, and according to that scene from Love, Actually, at Christmas you tell the truth, these cookies are basically the only reason I have kept up my friendship with Mallory.  She’s actually pretty boring.  Sorry you had to here it here first, Mal! HAVE A FUN TRIP TO DISNEY!!!!!

Artist: Marilyn Horne 

So this isn’t so much a song from an album as it is a song from a Sesame Street episode.  Deal with it! (Also, you might remember it from my previous post about opera singers who sang on the show)

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  1. I only eat the pretzel looking ones. And yes, they are pretty much like crack.
    And BTW, I'm rewatching "C is for Cookie" as I type. Again, can you please, please, please become famous so I can visit Sesame Street!


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