Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fear No More


Happy Halloween, biscuits!!! 

Now, to be honest, I’m not really that big on Halloween.  Not really for any other reason than that I don’t like putting a costume together.  I dread being invited to a Halloween party with a “costume only” policy.  Ummm, can’t I just go as some tool who doesn’t like Halloween, ‘cause I’ve got that one in about 25 different versions.  I generally just revert to wearing a pair of orange Prada shoes I have and carrying around my orange umbrella, which worked fine in Michigan those four years because there most likely was rain (it’s Fall up there this time of year for those Texans who wonder).  Here, however, it’s currently 82 degrees and freakishly sunny outside. 

untitledNot… amused. At Monica’s (shout out, girl!) after our “candy lock down” because we were out of it in 5 minutes

Don’t worry, it’s not like I was deprived the opportunity to dress up as a kid or anything.  Liz Kelly and I made a pretty fantastic Superman and Supergirl if I remember correctly.  I could be wrong (I was also superyoung) but I think that was the year Jenny Yates’ costume had been professionally made or something… it was all the buzz amongst the Jordan School mom crowd.

I do have one funny Halloween story from Michigan, though.  I went to several parties throughout the evening and woke up the next morning with this voice mail:

Hey, Joseph!!! So excited to have you joining the band! Don’t forget rehearsal is tonight at 7:30… see you there!”

And then my conversation with my roommate, Drew, who had gone to the party as well:

Me: Um, why do I have this voice mail?

Drew: Oh, yeah… you heard this guy talking about ska music and interrupted their conversation: “I LOOOOVE SKA MUSIC.” Upon hearing this he said: “We’re looking for a new lead singer, interested?” “Well you’re. in. luck, because I am IN SCHOOL to be a SINGER. Plus I have, like, so many songs of ska music on my iTunes.” [I have two.]

Me: Well this should be an interesting phone call to make.

At any rate, today I thought I would share a couple of Halloween flavored items from yet another blog I frequent:  It focuses on all things science fiction (and fact)—from astronomy to film to architecture to pretty much anything that makes you say “whoa, that’s pretty cool!” Basically it’s the perfect website for the inner fan-boy in all of us you.


John de Lancie reading Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven



Coffin technologies that prevent you from being buried alive <--- click for full article

safetycoffin2    safetycoffin

“In the eighteenth century, rumors swirled about people accidentally buried alive when they lapsed into a deathlike state from cholera. As a result, the safety coffin was invented. Here's how it worked.” … 



And finally, a picture that probably only one person who reads this will even understand! (Yay for alienating my readers!)

500x_10-30-2010_001Best. Jack-o-Lantern. EVAR!


Artist: Stephen Sondheim/ Album: The Frogs


  1. I love you for posting that picture even though Daleks aren't really you know, your thing. (And honestly the new souped up version from last season kind of made me sick of them too.)

  2. i'm pretty sure i knew everything about your new blog post, since i was there while you typed it. the lock down was hillarious and the ska vm was my favorite story.


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