Monday, October 11, 2010

Party on the patio

Last night one of my managers, Lisa, was kind enough to have everyone over for a pool party and bar-b-que, or as she put it: “this is probably my last day off until holiday’s are over in 2011.”  Some of you northerners might balk at the idea of going swimming in mid-October, but such is the life I now lead in the tropics!
2010-10-10 19.19.52
2010-10-10 19.30.15
 2010-10-10 20.33.02Kirsten displaying how we cope with all the crazy customers

2010-10-10 20.35.31Our lovely host in the purple on the right, as well as our boss on the far left. His comment after I snapped him eating: “You could post that on your blog, but just remember I’m the one who posts your performance reviews.”  The ball is in your court, Brian.

2010-10-10 20.58.35
Um… they have a coy pond at the center of their house.  Don’t believe me?

2010-10-10 20.58.48

2010-10-10 20.59.22
Lil’ chirenz
 2010-10-10 21.04.30 Gayle and Jenny keepin’ it classy!

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  1. Great photos Joseph! If only we could really have Stella Artois while working.


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