Saturday, October 30, 2010

Honey Can I Put on Your Clothes?


There are several websites that I check daily—I have already mentioned my love for, and all of my friends’ blogs.  Today I thought I would feature another site I frequent, first introduced to me by my sister-in-law, Joanie., as well as her sister sites,, and (is there an owl in here?) offers one item every day at a discounted price and once it is sold out, there is no other item to purchase until the next days offer.  I can’t determine if Joanie loves it because she went to Texas A&M (WOOT!) or because she loves a good deal, but I imagine it’s a little from column A(ggie) and a little from column B(argain).

Today’s shirt:

The_Last_Leaf52cDetail“The Last Leaf”

Although I have never bought any of the shirts I do enjoy perusing them every day! Below are some of my favorites and the names given by their respective creators.

Music_is_Lifel2fDetail Tickles_to_TinklesywhDetail

                                “Music is Life”                                                          “Tickles to Tinkles”


 The_Tag_Along421Detail Fractal_Tree1tdDetail

                           “The Tag Along”                                                              “Fractal Tree”


 Coffee_MantcuDetail The_Discovery_of_firen14Detail

                         “Don’t Call Him Mr. Coffee”                                         “The Discovery of Fire”


 5_Second_RulewpzDetail The_Black_Holem41Detail

                           “5 Second Rule”                                                              “The Black Hole”


King_Konga_Line82bDetail Shakespeare_A-ZziuDetail

                           “King Conga”                                                                 “Shakespeare A-Z”

Artist: Barbra Streisand/ Album: Songbird

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  1. Yay Shoutout! And you mustn't forget regular, which is electronic stuff!


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