Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are You About a Size 14?

So here's the dish* A while ago I ran across an interesting article on BoingBoing, a blog I check about 4 times a day, entitled "Broken Crockery Couture" and about designer Li Xiaofeng.  She's basically the secret love child of Josiah Wedgewood and Vivianne Westwood, which is unfortunate because that would make her Li Xiaofeng Westwood-Wedgewood-- not so great a name for a school child but you did just score about a billion points in Scrabble now that they have changed the rules to allow proper nouns (lame). What smashing designs these all are!**

li-xiaofeng05    _Li-Xiaofeng-porcelain-polo-for-Lacoste-yatzer_10
Don't worry, gents, you haven't been left out of the proverbial tea party. Well... that is unless your last name happens to be Scozzafava.  (See, even in a post about dresses made of dishes can I get a political zinger in there! *high fives myself a year ago when that story was actually relevant*)
Li_Xiaofeng02    image01
Why not slip one of these on for your next business meeting?  Audition?  High tea at the Ritz?  Day at the ball park?

Some of my favorite comments on the post:
Shout out to my friends at PB 757 and 385!!
Wah wah
I had to look it up, but Delft is a type of pottery from the Netherlands, so... what surprisingly appropriate wordplay rtresco!

Raise your hand if you knew that one was coming.  Lena, did you?  Mason?

With all this talk of broken dishes I can't help but think about the stepping stones my mother has been making for years for her garden out of just the same thing.  Following is a tour of an artists work, divided into her artistic influences:




Trump l'oeil
Portrait of the artist and...
her assistant, as seen from above surveying their work
*Don't worry, I hated myself when I wrote it, you can hate me for reading it
** Yup, did it again

Artist: Jon and Al Kaplan / Album: Silence!-The Musical

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