Tuesday, October 5, 2010

They All Went to Mexico


Thought this happened several week ago, I thought it would be important for the historical records to document the first Tex-Mex meal I had upon my arrival back to the home land.  My friend Joie from high school and her husband Chris met me one Sunday after church and my arteries were pulsating with anticipation!

P9121118 I believe they call this “ambiance,” which I’m pretty sure is a Spanish word anyway



I don’t really know why, but whenever I drink Tecate I think of my granddad Roberts, and I’m not sure if he even drinks it.  Maybe he did once and it just stuck?



This is considered a healthy option.  You know, because it’s a spinach enchilada



So very happy y’all are living in Houston!

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  1. That food looks A-MAY-ZING! Especially since I just got home from Santa Fe, and they DON'T do Tex Mex...margaritas aren't even frozen. The Horror!


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