Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Music is the Victim


As I mentioned earlier this month, Christmas is already in full swing in the retail world and this past Sunday a group of us Pottery Barn crazies employees worked a 6pm-2am shift in order to partially put up the new holiday floor set.

2010-10-24_23.54.57 This was one of my main contributions


           2010-10-24_21.14.19         2010-10-24_21.40.55

Lissa: “Where the heck did all these pillows come from?!”                     “Shhhhhh… don’t tell!”



Can’t see the Tori for the trees


2010-10-24_21.13.49 2010-10-24_21.46.12

                                   Lisa and Illiana                          WHERE THE HELL ARE MY REINDEER NAPKINS!



Mmmmm… 10:00 pizza break!!!



Pottery Barn: a hot bed of testosterone


          2010-10-24_21.50.28       2010-10-24_21.50.56

                          Kirsten, our resident ginger.                     Seeing if blondes actually do have more fun



Santa, you made the pants too SHORT!


As often comes with doing these floor sets, one is able to see the new holiday products arriving in the store before the customer’s do.  Not to harken back to “Letter Gate 2010”, but I have a bit of a bone to pick with the Barn.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really that invested in the letter “I” being left off our shelves.  My last name is Roberts, therefore I’m not in any true danger of not being able to find anything with the letter “R”.  (Sorry, Jan.)  HOWEVER, as a musician I took take a bit of offense to our newest glitter candle:

2010-10-19 10.12.48  2010-10-19 13.52.20  2010-10-19 13.52.31

Okay… SO. First of all, this isn’t music (unless Pottery Barn has gotten all John Cage on us). There’s no key signature or time signature, I have no idea why there is a rest in between staves, and I’m not exactly how two eighth notes equals two quarter notes. Not to mention the sharps, flats and naturals are about as slap-dashedly applied as a Real Housewives makeup.  I’m just gonna go ahead and file these under our “non-educational” product much like the re-released first episodes of Sesame Street come with this disclaimer:

"Welcome to Sesame Street Nostalgia. I am Bob, your host, and I want you to know that these early Sesame Street episodes are intended for grown-ups and may not meet the needs of today's pre-school child."

Yeah… because in the first episode you basically teach children it’s okay to follow a stranger who offers you cookies and milk to go into some bizarre neighborhood.  Anyway, Pottery Barn has a pretty strong tract record with the exception of one of our globes that unfortunately misspells the name of our neighbor to the south.


I LOVE “Tex-Max” food!!!

Artist: Scissor Sisters/ Album: Scissor Sisters


  1. I still love being a red head. I love you and the pants! Great blog!

  2. OK, so now i just want you to take the candle home and make a recording of yourself playing it on a keyboard. And post the recording. Merry Christmas to ME!

  3. I love this. But I'm noticing your tablescape doesn't have any red. Is that the trend this year? Green? Seriously, I have to know.

  4. I believe the composer was Peter Schickele?


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