Saturday, October 16, 2010

Animal in the Pit

Thursdays are my days off from Pottery Barn and even though I have church choir rehearsal in the evenings I generally have the day free once I get my errands done in the morning.  It’s my goal to do something fun in Houston every Thursday and this week was no exception: it was zoo time with my friend Jennifer!

I’ll keep my thoughts about how tiny a lot of the exhibits are and the fact that the construction crew next door probably isn’t exactly the most natural of habitats for say, an African Condor.  Jennifer and I even spoke briefly about what a hot mess the old bear pit at Baylor was and how much happier the bears seemed to be once they had, you know, plant life and a pond instead of concrete and a facet.  When it comes down to it… it’s just cool to see exotic animals.

The first stop was the bird exhibit:

        PA141148 PA141149

No, that dove has not had a run in with the Robert’s clan


PA141155The Jan Ingersoll Honorary Bird Habitat (Though to be honest those feather brained pheasants probably paid full price for their festivery!… *phew*)



Get it little Flamingos!



Even members of the animal kingdom need a good base coat for the winter.



“Ooooh, this one’s pretty!”


PA141159 PA141162Just a bunch of  ladies getting their hair did.  “Can you believe the price of gas these days?” “I know, you gotta spend 5 fleas 50 just to get to the supermarket.  And don’t even get me started on what they wanna charge for milk!”


Next up was the reptile house.  Matt where are you?!?!


                       PA141173 PA141170 


Someone needs to moisturiiiiiiize.  (And a mani/pedi wouldn’t hurt either)

We also made the Sea Lion show!

 2010-10-14 14.33.18

2010-10-14 14.37.25

2010-10-14 14.36.57

Good dental hygiene is important no matter what species you are.  I mean, how are you gonna catch the eye of some sexy sea lion if you have a toothless grin.  More importantly, how you gonna catch your dinner!?!

Discovery Chanel’s Meerkat Manor better watch out:


          2010-10-14 15.40.07 2010-10-14 15.40.59

The sentries keeping watch for enemies!


2010-10-14 15.29.54

A mob of meerkats

Some comparisons:

          2010-10-14 15.21.46

                 Bear in the wild                                                    Bear at home


        2010-10-14 14.58.47 P7070025

                               Cougar in the wild                                                     Cougar at home


And finally, a little bit of audience participation:

2010-10-14 14.41.36PIRANNAH ATTACK!!

 2010-10-14 15.56.48I know it looks like they are fighting, but really they were nuzzling… promise.  (This one was for you, Luke!)


 2010-10-14 16.05.11 


Artist: Faith Prince/ Album: A Leap of Faith

(A close second was “What’s New at the Zoo” from Do, Re, Mi)


  1. Hmmm... I don't know who will raise their eyebrows more at the cougar comment: Matt, or Nancy! Ha!

  2. BWHAHAH! I'm so laughing at the Cougars!
    And I love that my shout out too!

  3. What tube are you in? That is hilarious!

    It's been a few years since I've visited the zoo. Nix the reptile house, although the lizards are cool and monkeys scare the hell out of me. Other than that....I love the birds!

  4. ....if I get another anatomy word - ish for my captcha, I'm gonna screenshot....


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