Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh, What a Night for Dancing


Tonight is the opening of the Universty of Houston’s production of Jaques Offenbach’s La vie Parisienne (The Parisian Life) and I had the opportunity to go this past weekend to see the piano dress rehearsal of one of the casts.  Two girls from my church choir are students at U of H and extended an invitation for me to come see it. I had never been to the campus or the school of music so it was nice to visit!

2010-10-17 17.28.27

The school of music with “Winged Victory” standing guard


  2010-10-17 16.33.04 2010-10-17 16.32.47 2010-10-17 16.32.23

Crazy art instillation hanging above the audience


2010-10-17 16.35.29

This is where the fancy people sit!


Some of you may say: “who the hell is Jaques Offenbach… never heard of him.”  You may not know the name, but he’s responsible for this little ditty…

He is primarily known for his contribution to French operetta, which in essence is what bridged the gap between opera and American musical theater.  It’s lighter and frothier than your usual opera experience and, unlike opera, has dialogue in it.


The director of this production decided to update the show to kind of the mod-60’s era (I think), which will explain some of the sets and costumes.

2010-10-17 16.00.25My friend, Julia, is the police woman at the center on the ground level.


2010-10-17 17.09.47Oh crazy modern art


2010-10-17 17.13.42


Although it was not her cast’s night to rehearse, my other friend from choir, Molly, was watching the action. (Probably seeing if her double was making any mistakes! :) )

2010-10-17 17.15.50And by “watching” I of course mean “texting”

Unfortunately I was only able to stay for the first half, but I was able to grab a quick shot with Julia while she was running off stage to change for Act III.

2010-10-17 17.20.34For some reason I have crazy eyes, but whatevs.

In bocca al lupo, ladies! 


Artist: Barry White/ Album: All Time Greatest Hits

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  1. Were these performers dancers or members of the US Gymnastics team? Great fun watching..


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