Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Got Trouble


The dreaded omission trifecta has now been put in play regarding the letter “I” being left off retail shelves nation wide.  Apparently it really is a conspiracy!

Via Jan’s blog:

And Now It's 'Beyond' Ridiculous

My friend, Cassidy, sent me a text picture today. 

Here's what it was:

So now it seems I have to add Bed Bath & Beyond to "my list" too.


What did I start!!! (Btw I hope it ends, because I’m running out of song titles to use for the posts.)

Artist: Christina Aguilera/ Album: Back to Basics


  1. I NEVER get your song titles/artists right.
    Stomp, stomp, pout, pout.
    I had started singing, "I've Got Trouble...Right here in River City" until I saw you gave Xtina credit...and then I remembered, it's "We got trouble". Oopsee.

  2. i actually think it's "ya got trouble"...


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