Friday, October 29, 2010

Fisherman’s Song


Tuesday night Jennifer and I again went to Houston Grand Opera—this time going to the final dress rehearsal for their production of Benjamin Britten’s Peter Grimes.  (Click here if you want to read more on the opera.)  A friend of mine from Michigan, Stephanie, is now a coach for HGO and was kind enough to give us two of her comp ticket… and let me tell you: the offstage organ has never sounded more elegant!

 2010-10-26 19.01.10

Orchestra seats, baby!


2010-10-26 19.20.01

Said orchestra


2010-10-26 19.27.20

That’s me and Jennifer in 50 years

As if knowing one person in the production wasn’t already cool enough, Kiri, a friend from Baylor who is in the young artist studio, is playing the role of Prince Yamadori one of the nieces!! It really was amazing having the curtain rise and seeing her up there :)

Pictures by Felix Sanchez:

73914_463773714757_112472199757_5252064_1466854_n             Kiri and her “sister” in the show. They basically used Brittany and Santana from Glee as inspiration.     It. Was. PERFECT! (seriously, btw)


72429_463767809757_112472199757_5252030_2372069_nWork that runway, Peter!!!

 72709_463773129757_112472199757_5252059_4382712_nNO MORE WIRE HANGARS!!!!!!!!! (I’m pretty sure that’s in the libretto…)


I also did get a chance to go back stage and say hello to Kiri and Stephanie, with photographic evidence!

GroupStephanie, Joseph, Kiri 

The show officially opens tonight, so… in bocca al lupo, ladies!

And finally, if you care to watch, here are some clips from the production!




Artist: Carly Simon/ Album: Have You Seen Me Lately

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