Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Come, now a roundel and a fairy song

I saw this post on my friend Jan's blog a while back and couldn't help but plagiarize my ass off, which is ironic because she was my teacher and should have taught me better.  You MUST MUST add her to your blog list!!

"There was wailing and gnashing of (missing) teeth the other night when JR lost yet another tooth. Why the dramatics for a seemingly happy occasion? Well, according to JR, he swallowed it. My mom claimed it shot out of his mouth. Either way, we never found the tooth. I did, however, find JR face down on the couch in full shoulder jerking sobs. He was crying that one time Harry had told him he swallowed a tooth and The Tooth Fairy didn't come. (JR completely missed that those were two different stories. The Tooth Fairy never came to see Harry, and on a side note, one time he swallowed one of his loose teeth.) We tried everything to cheer him up. Here were some of our comments:

My mom: We'll write her a note. It's fine. We'll write her a note.
Me: JR, It's okay. Don't worry about what Harry told you. She never came to see him. The Tooth Fairy is an American. She only takes teeth from American kids. How could she work in China too? She'd never get to sleep!
*JR continues his hysterics*
My dad: The Tooth Fairy is just like Jesus. She knows everything!
My mom (busy writing and cutting out): Here take this*. Put this under your pillow.

*And here is a picture of 'this'. (Picture taken the next day, hence the lack of tears.)

And being that The Tooth Fairy is an American-who-only-works-in-America-and-knows-everything-just-like-Jesus, she did come. Only too bad for her since JR stuck his tooth under his pillow where she couldn't actually find it. Needless to say, The Tooth Fairy only picks up real teeth...but isn't that nice of her to still dole out cash for fake ones!"


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