Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sophisticated Lady

Thursday’s here in Houston offer a great chance for art lovers to check out the Museum of Fine Arts for fuh-ree, and you all know how much I love a good deal. Or as my mother says: “A sale isn’t really worth it until it reaches 75% off,” so I think she’d approve.

2010-10-07 16.28.12

I have some faint memory of visiting the museum when I was younger and am pretty sure it was when I was in 6th grade, my first year in the Crockett public school system.  I say that because I remember riding a bus, and that’s absolutely nooooo way to travel for a pampered private school student.  We would have either taken vans or had a mom-driven carpool going. 

I knew I was in for a fun day when I saw this car in the parking lot:

2010-10-07 16.11.39

My father’s worst nightmare in vehicle form (mostly because there’s no 12th Man sticker amongst the fray. [mostly because hippies aren’t accepted to A&M] {unless the corps needed some extra shooting practice}])

So following are some of my favorites from the museum, though I wasn’t able to fully explore the exhibits because I had to meet Liz for the concert! I’ll admit that I was a horrrrrrible academic and didn’t write down many of the work’s names or artists.  We’ll just say I did so in order to make you visit the museum and find out for yourself.

2010-10-07 16.59.21

Kees van Dongen: The Corn Poppy. Definitely my favorite! She has Mary Louise Parker doe eyes!


2010-10-07 16.37.26

James Turrell: The Light Inside. Tuh-rippy


2010-10-07 17.02.33

Ooooooh, so mysterious.  Who is this woman?  What about her warranted being painted? And more importantly, did she ever get a cramp from sitting in that position for so long?!?!  I must know!


2010-10-07 17.07.47

I’m pretty sure I visited this town while on my European tour this summer.   Oops, gimme one sec while I pick that name I dropped off the floor.


2010-10-07 16.50.51

This one I’m entitling: Vulgar and Blatant, by Georgia O’Keefe


2010-10-07 17.01.06

This man might or might not be on faculty at U of M


2010-10-07 16.48.19

A blown glass rebuttal to Ms. O’Keefe’s above painting


2010-10-07 16.56.03

The “fuchsia-ist” bird hunt I’ve ever seen


2010-10-07 17.03.23 

Close up of a Charles Angrand’s The Harvesters.  Manual labor has never looked so vibrant!!


2010-10-07 17.10.42

Who doesn’t like a dramatic still life?! You’re facing the wrong way poppy!!!!


2010-10-07 17.13.50

Aaaaand finally: view of downtown from a museum window

Artist: Linda Ronstadt/ Album: Round Midnight with Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra


  1. FYI, your "Vulgar and Blatant" artist, Ms. O'Keefe, and I were in the same sorority. Quite fitting if you ask me! ;-)

  2. Jeez... way to put your real age out there on the interwebs!


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