Saturday, October 9, 2010

Here’s to the Band

It may surprise some of you (hi seven readers!) to know that I do actually listen to non-classical and non-Motown derived genres of music.
My friend Liz called me the other day and said she had an extra ticket to go see Vampire Weekend at the Verizon Wireless Theater downtown and I jumped at the chance to go see one of my favorite bands.  I have known Liz literally all of my life.  Well, scratch that, all but seven days of my life as she was born a week after I was, but tomayto/tomahto.  Her dad was actually the one who delivered me, we went to the Jordan School and then Crockett public schools, and I'd say we've done a pretty good job of keeping in touch over the years since we left our little hamlet. 
We came in a little late from dinner while the first opening act, The Very Best, was doing their last couple of numbers. We did get to catch all of the second opener, Beach House, and I'm completely ub-sessed with them.  They are kind of like a more chill version of Florence and the Machine, who I featured in one of my earliest posts.

Listen and LOVE

Though Vampire Weekend may sound like the name of a band trying to elbow in to the Twilight-True Blood- Count from Sesame Street craze they are the antithesis of what one might consider a gothic style.  When a friend at work asked me what type of music they perform, alls I could answer was: "I dunno, they're a band... they play band music."  I'd imagine a non operaphile might say the same thing when trying to describe what type of opera, say, La Boheme is: "Ummm, I dunno, they sang loud? She has amazingly good breath support for someone dying of a respiratory illness?"  Lucky for you there is the magic of YouTube and you can see for yourself what they are like!

I'm with CoCo!

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2010-10-07 21.10.13

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2010-10-07 21.48.27
Where's the bass player!!!!

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  1. Be sure and tell Liz she looks so cute! (You know you look cute so I didn't think I needed to tell you...again)


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