Monday, October 4, 2010

Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long

As every good Texan knows, there are a handful of historic figures every seventh grader learns about in Texas History: Davy Crockett (a shout out to my home town), Steven F. Austin (the “F” is important.  Someone in Michigan once said to me—oh, there is a Stephen Austin university in Texas—and I had nooooo idea who the hell they were talking about), and James Bowie (of the knife fame).  However, one towers high above them all… at least physically. 


Located on Interstate 45 right outside of Huntsville, TX is a giiiiinormous statue of the first president of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston.  I have passed that statue innumerous times and to my recollection have never actually stopped and gone over to see it.  It’s one of those “oh, I’ll do it some day” type situations, and the other day I passed it and figured that I had a couple of minutes to spare and it would be that day.
A very well kept path to the statue

For any of you who think I have a big head… exhibit A

These are probably poisonous? I probably should have paid more attention to Professor Sprouts Herbology lessons in the Harry Potter books movies.

Get it little Texas hero!

In cast you nerds out there wanted a little historical information
I remember a couple of years ago there was a big “to do” in Crockett because the sculptor who made the Sam Houston statue was rumored to possibly be doing it outside of our little town.  However, I think he ended up doing it in Crockett County, which happens to be in the middle of now where (as opposed to the slightly left of no where where I grew up).

And for a little bit of furniture trivia... we have a sofa in our house in Crockett that belonged to Sam Houston's granddaughter.  Basically what I am saying is that we have a piece of Texas royalty, probably on par with a Louis the XIVV chaise or something.


  1. Thanks for the tour. I also have been meaning to stop at this gigantic monument but never have and now it's not on my route.

  2. Having a sofa in your house from Sam Houston's granddaugher is huge! You are such a good Texan!

  3. I knoooow! Im pretty sure we should be receiving a plaque from the Sam Houston Historical Society any day now

  4. My, you've been the busy little blogger lately! And if Crockett is slightly to the left of nowhere, that makes Lufkin nowhere... Just sayin'...

  5. I know of that statue and, quite frankly, I find it to be a little scary. It's too big, but you know what they say.....


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